We offer easy-to-apply and fast-acting liquid calcium and fertilizer solutions to boost your food plots and bring the biggest bucks right to you. AgriTec is a family of farmers, but also of hunters, that know the value of good reliable products, that ensure come season your food plot will

be in the best condition possible.

Buck Bribe is a part of AgriTec International that focuses on products for the hunter. Where AgriTec specializes in making the top liquid fertilizers and chelated soil treatments on the market, Buck Bribes goal is to bring those same products to hunters. Whether you're self-applicating with a backpack sprayer or an ATV sprayer for a personal food plot, a high fence farm or commercial hunting lease, our product comes in a liquid form that just

Owner with deer

needs to be mixed with water, it is quicker and easier to apply than most other products on the market. 

Our 100% natural Buck Bribe fertilizer is perfect for your food plot whether you're planting your high protein perennial seeds, such as white clover, red clover, chicory, alfalfa, winter wheat and others or you're planting your high carbohydrates Annual seeds such as turnips, corn, wheat, rye, radishes, crimson clover oats, or a mix of the two. Not only is our product great for the crops you'll be growing for your food plot but since it increases ground coverage, root length and drought resistance it is a perfect product to add structure to your plot to make those hungry does that are feeding on it feel comfortable and protected while they eat and force those big bucks to venture into the center of the food plot looking for those does and right in your kill spot!

“We used the liquid calcium on our food plots over two months ago and did not get rain till just recently  even after the turkeys and dove had there way with our seed to our amazement a good amount of what we planted still came up not long after it rained.”

Taylor | FL 2016